Taking the lead on issues surrounding cerebral palsy as well as other disabilities, United Cerebral Palsy of New York City (UCP of NYC) took the time to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of women who have had a significant positive impact on society during its 13th Annual UCP of NYC Women Who Care luncheon. The event held at Cipriani, 42nd Street, New York City on May 7th, 2014 was sponsored by the Hearst Corporation among other partners.

UCP of NYC has over the years been at the forefront, providing much needed help to those who suffer from Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities. The organization runs more than 75 programs encompassing rehabilitative, clinical, technological, residential and educational services to over 14,000 children and adults within the metropolitan New York City area. To achieve its mandate, UCP has a staff of over 1,500 specialists including disabled persons and those directly affected by Cerebral Palsy. Some of the ways the organization engages the community on such disability issues include; organizing awareness drives, fundraising events, advocacy and collaborations with celebrities and political leaders.

Cerebral palsy (CP) is a term that refers to a group of permanent, non-progressive movement disorders that cause physical disability by causing damage to the motor control centers thus affecting body movement. Problems with sensation, depth perception, and communication ability may also be experienced depending on the extent of the disorder. Others may incur difficulty with cognition and sometimes epilepsy (about one-third of cases). Latest statistics indicate that the disorder afflicts 1.4 to 4 children per 1000 with the main causes identified as premature birth, loss of oxygen to the fetal or newborn brain, and involvement in traumatic accidents.

The UCP 2014 Women Who Care Luncheon was graced by America Ferrera and Alex Witt among others who underscored various pertinent issues regarding disability and how to help improve the lives of those affected. The highlight of the day was the award ceremony that included recognition of International model and fashion editor China Machado for her advocacy of women’s age issues, Tony Award winning star Judith Light for her efforts in tackling human rights issues as well as the AIDS scourge, and hotel executive Julia Monk for her contribution in the field of sustainable design.

The presence of the International Association of HealthCare Professionals (IAHCP) and The Waiting Room Magazine during the event emphasizes the need for all stakeholders in the health care sector to join hands in alleviating the pain and challenges borne by the disabled in our society.

For more information on UCP of NYC visit http://www.ucpnyc.org