Having to stay in the hospital is bad enough; the only thing worse is making a trip back less than a month later. The New England Journal of Medicine states that about 20% or as many as 2 million Medicare beneficiaries return to the hospital less than 30 days of discharge every year. Being readmitted costs more than just your health, it is estimated that nearly $17.5 billion a year is spent towards readmission costs by Medicare.

Usually patients are readmitted because of infection and confusion about either their medication or care plan. Many patients fail to realize that it is just as important to give yourself the same quality of care at home that you expect in the hospital- that is to say above standard quality care. Today’s guest, Dr. Barbara Riegel shares tips to help people stay out of the hospital. She discusses what chronic patients can do to avoid re-admittance as well as the importance of self-care.

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