One of the most challenging issues in relocating to a new city or country is the inability to find trustworthy advice about local physicians. While there are a variety of review sites, many of the most prestigious doctors and medical professionals never establish themselves on these sites because they feel such sites have little bearing on their reputation or they have no interest. Other review sites only emphasize the negative and hostile which provide little reason for excellent physicians to join.

The Leading Physicians of the World is unlike other networks. Instead of an address and a few details about a physician, medical professional or healthcare facility, Leading Physicians of the World provides detailed information about the educational background, training, honors, awards, publications and customer reviews. All of this information is well organized and attractively presented to that visitors can access all of the available information necessary to choose the ideal doctor for themselves and their families.

Among the many tools that LPW offers are the words of the physicians themselves. Members of the Leading Physicians of the World often provide blogs, articles and research papers on or its Facebook site at These contributions provide valuable insights into the professional abilities of doctors, their areas of specialization and, even, their personal interests. Many of these physicians also provide their comments and reactions to the news and information that other member doctors provide. This robust and energetic dialogue should help inform visitors about which physicians are most appropriate for their needs.

While the wealth of information that Leading Physicians of the World offers is extremely valuable, it also provides this information freely to all visitors. More importantly, it provides helpful search tools that list doctors within 5 and 25 miles from a geographical location. It further narrows search results by specialty. LPW offers dozens of highly specific specialties so that visitors can find the foremost doctors within a unique medical field.

LPW also works closely with its sister organization, International Association of Healthcare Professionals, to offer a listing of the top specialists around the world through its portal Find a Top Doc. While finding a competent medical professional may suffice for the run of the mill injuries and illnesses, certain health issues necessitate advice from globally recognized authorities. IAHCP and LPW have teamed up to list the world’s foremost medical professionals within more than a hundred specialized fields and provides information about their areas of expertise, publications, awards and unique therapeutic techniques they have mastered.

A final resource visitors can take advantage of is the list of publications available through IAHCP. These books are often bestsellers written by members in order to help the general public grasp new medical concepts, therapies and resources. Most authors are renowned leaders in their field, and their publications share detailed knowledge of their expertise.