The Leading Physicians of the World is quickly becoming a trusted directory and resource for the medical community as well as patients seeking the most qualified physicians and medical professionals. Originally established as a publication listing the most prominent doctors around the globe, the Leading Physicians of the World has developed into the world’s largest network of physicians with members from over 100 medical sub-specialties. LPW has researched the professionals of almost every major market and produced a comprehensive directory of doctors.

The Leading Physicians of the World is a member of the International Association of HealthCare Professionals. IAHCP is one of the largest international networks of healthcare professionals that include over a hundred medical societies. As one of the most inclusive and respected organizations encompassing the global medical community, International Association of HealthCare Professionals provides recognition for those doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals that distinguish themselves through professional excellence, pioneering scientific achievements, or humanitarian contributions to their communities.

The Leading Physicians of the World select doctors who are leaders in their fields including general medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, cardiology, immunology and oncology. LPW makes available their professional accomplishments, work history, publications, medical affiliations, and patient reviews to visitors to its website at Members of the public seeking information about medical specialists need only visit the Leading Physicians of the World to learn about physicians in their area who are medical authorities with sterling reviews from former and current patients.

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The doctors included in the Leading Physicians of the World are not only pioneers and celebrated experts, but also compassionate, concerned caretakers. These medical professionals establish themselves as knowledgeable authorities with encyclopedic expertise about their specialties but they deliver that information to their patients through dedication, attentive listening and collaboration with a trusted team of nurses, assistants and healthcare professionals.

Another major consideration that most patients grapple with when attempting to secure quality medical care is trying to find cost-effective solutions. While Leading Physicians of the World cannot bring all costs down, it strives to find effective strategies for maintaining the lowest possible cost structures for its members. LPW works closely with medical associations, professional organizations, charities, and healthcare equipment distributors to keep costs as low as possible, which translates into deep discounts for patients. Leading Physicians of the World has even developed its own team of negotiators to bargain on behalf of its member physicians with healthcare product manufacturers.