The International Association of Healthcare Professionals Announces New Social Media Tools To Enhance Online Reputation Management For Medical Professionals



The International Association of Healthcare Professionals has developed new social media programs to support members in their efforts to become recognized brands in the healthcare industry





In today’s era of digital marketing, social media services have radically transformed the way medical professionals and their services are rated. Understanding that social media has introduced a new and most influential dimension in the matrices of evaluation, the International Association of Health Care Professionals has created new social media tools empowering members to differentiate themselves from the competition and be recognized as expert authorities in their areas of expertise.


According to, word of mouth is no longer the rating channel that patients use to recommend healthcare services, and implicitly, medical practitioners. Today, the online rating is the deciding factor between two healthcare facilities or doctors offering the same level of convenience, location, and affordability. The internet makes it possible for patients to express their subjective observations related to quality of service. It is also the internet that broadcasts all this unique reviews to future clientele.


Within this context, healthcare professionals require social media to build their online reputation, improve their quality of service, or reestablish their dominance in their respective field. Social media is the only tool that healthcare professionals may embrace to effectively nurture their online reputation with positive feedback. The alternative is to serve at the mercy of anonymous reviewers.


Social media allows the development of an emotional bond between medical practitioner and client or patient. More, social media is a first – class communication channel that can be used to educate existing and potential patients, and therefore influence the way they understand and perceive quality of service. If patients are not properly informed about the factors involved in providing healthcare services, they may express their opinions based on their own subjective criteria, which may ruin the reputation of a medical practitioner irrevocably.
The International Association of Health Care Professionals is perfectly aware of the benefits that social media outlets for positive online exposure. In accordance, they have developed several programs in this respect, including:


  • Personal Branding Facebook Page



The International Association of Health Care Professionals (IAHCP) holds a deep awareness of Facebook’s power as a social media outlet. The personal branding Facebook page is a crucial component of online reputation management. Therefore, IAHCP creates a personal branding Facebook page for each member to be able to reach a wider audience, target a more specific and receptive audience, and built a positive reputation. IAHCP consistently updates the Facebook page of each client with fresh and relevant information, offering a constant flow of positive feedback to search engines.



  • Twitter Page



The Twitter page promotes members’ achievements, broadcasts the latest developments in their areas of expertise, posts positive reviews from members’ websites, and publishes relevant articles in their areas of expertise. With a permanently updated content, fresh “tweets”, and positive reviews, the twitter page created and managed by the International Association of Health Care Professionals plays a major part in creating positive publicity around members and the healthcare services they provide.



  • Word Press Account



The Word Press account is a very powerful tool when it comes to communicating with the targeted audience. Patients seek this additional source for health information, looking for guidance or simply informed conversation. The Word press account provides patients with the information they need when they need it. This adds even more credibility to members’ online reputation and presence.






With over 30 different medical specialties and sub associations in every major market across the globe, The International Association of Healthcare Professionals (IAHCP) is committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity and patient care. The International Association of Healthcare Professionals provides its distinguished members with an interactive platform to voice their opinions and develop valuable connections with a wide audience of patients, industry experts, and colleagues from across the globe. Through a comprehensive array of online mediums and printed publications, IAHCP raises the bar for all medical professionals and enhances positive change in their personal and professional lives. The International Association of Healthcare Professional is globally recognized as an authority in networking and personal branding and leading publisher of medical biographies.