Every voice needs an outlet to be heard and when the information you are sharing is important to the success of your peers and mentees, having an outlet becomes even more critical. Often in the workplace- whether it is a hospital, doctor’s office or business, women and minorities lack the confidence to fill leadership positions- and that confidence needs to be built.

Integrating diversity and inclusion into not only your work, but also your personal life can be a challenge. So to help our listeners overcome this challenge, our host Anthony Figliola sits down with Dr. Neelum Aggarwal, the Chief Diversity Officer at the American Medical Women’s Association to discuss why there is a lack of participation on the part of women and minorities in leadership, how organizations can increase participation as well as how to gain access to the tools needed to improve their roles at all levels of their careers.

Dr. Neelum T. Aggarwal, MD

Neelum Aggarwal is a clinical-researcher and neurologist with expertise in Alzheimer’s disease and aging. Continuing to lead an established career in medicine, Dr. Aggarwal specializes in minority health and wellness issues. Her specialization also includes clinical drug and brain autopsy studies.

Dr. Aggarwal was recently appointed as the first Chief Diversity Officer at the American Medical Women’s Association. In this role, Dr. Aggarwal is prized with ensuring that diversity and inclusion efforts are maintained throughout the country. Dr. Aggarwal is a renowned physician who has been featured on local networks in Chicago to offer her expertise and share her research.

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