As 2015 gets underway, it is important to make resolutions that will improve your practice in whatever way you can. Not only will you make your workplace a happy and healthy place for your patients, but it will improve your outlook and well being as well! Here are some suggestions for your resolutions that will help kick off 2015 the right way.

1) Arrive to the Office on Time. When you’re on time, you have a leg-up on all the latecomers. You can prepare for your day on your own time and make any mental notes about the day ahead that might be of importance. Sure, there are appointments already booked, but if you look it over ahead of time, you can think about what you’d like to address with your patients.

2) Finish Your Notes. You’re probably in a rush, dashing from patient to patient, trying to assist as many people as you can. While that’s an admirable goal, set aside some time in between patients to finish writing their notes that way you can be better prepared the next time the patient walks through your doors.

3) Be Considerate. Be sure to ask other providers if they need help. If you’re willing to help your colleagues out of a tough situation, they will be more likely to help you when you need help. Yes, you’re all incredibly busy, but if you’re considerate of other doctors, you’ll be able to work together as an effective medical team.

4) Learn ICD-10. The code set allows more than 14,400 different codes and permits the tracking of many new diagnoses. The WHO provides detailed information about ICD online, and makes available a set of materials online, such as an ICD-10 online browser, ICD-10 Training, ICD-10 online training, ICD-10 online training support, and study guide materials for download.

5) Learn Something New. Everything you learn could potentially benefit your practice. If you’re always learning, you can help your colleagues when they need it, and can better address patient needs.

6) Don’t Eat Lunch at Your Desk. It’s easy to wish for a moment of silence throughout your constantly busy day, and often lunch time provides that moment. To make your team the strongest, talk with your colleagues, get to know them and understand them, and you will find that the company is an important part of your day.

7) Take Care of Yourself. If you’re not keeping yourself healthy, how can you trust your patients to keep themselves healthy? Serve as an important role model in your practice: eat healthy, sleep well, exercise, and reduce stress.