After being tested, you know you have an allergy and you’ve been handed a list of allergens to avoid. However, you haven’t been told WHY you have it. Here’s the thing: if you know why you have it, then you can likely resolve it.

If you look in any medical dictionary published in the past 30 years, for most of the diseases listed, it states, “the real cause remains to be elucidated.” In other words, there is a long list of “possible” factors that may cause the disease. But if you knew the root cause of your allergy, you would likely rush to resolve it, so that you could enjoy the rest of your life free from antihistamines and anti-inflammatories, right?

This is what we are doing in Integrative Medicine and META-Health. We know that your body has not made a mistake. In fact, there are different types of stressful situations and experiences that can cause specific diseases to occur. Finding a solution to your allergy issues is likely a different process than you imagine. It is a process during which the patient plays a major role, starting with a dedicated determination to find out and resolve the root cause of his or her symptoms.

It is possible that this article will challenge your current belief system about disease. However, it will empower you by finally answering the question: Why did I get sick? It can put you back in control of your health.

From the META-Health® perspective, all diseases go through two major phases each with six stages, and are caused by a significant emotional event that is unexpected and dramatic for the person experiencing it, without immediate solutions at hand and without the will or possibility for the person to talk to anyone about it. This event is then followed by ongoing stress (which could be conscious or running in the back of the mind while you do other daily activities), which is run by our sympathetic nervous system in general. If the conflict is resolved, the body enters in parasympathetic mode: it will first repair itself, then, it faces a biological test (a healing crisis). Then, after the healing crisis, during the second half of the parasympathetic period, the body enters into a rebuilding stage.

These six stages can be used to explain the symptoms of any disease or illness. On the whole, people experience pain and illness in the repair and rebuild stages. If you are in an acute crisis and do not know what to do, it is always best to seek urgent care; but then, if possible, allow the body to go through the four stages of healing (after conflict resolution) without drugs. Drugs and other therapies are likely to slow down the healing process, since they only inhibit symptoms and can hinder the person from being healed. I am not against drugs, and there are times when the effects of these drugs are useful, but using drugs chronically and depending on them has never achieved healing.

Like all chronic diseases, allergies are triggered by an original shock that is continually repeated on a different scale. It is as if we have an internal early warning system that goes off when we encounter the same person or a similar environment as when the original conflict occurred. But when we do interact with the same environment/person again, then our body already has the program (the allergy for example) for all the necessary organ and behavioral reactions to deal with the problem one more time. Until the “trapped energy” form the original event is cleared out, this coping mechanism will be triggered every time.

During a traumatic emotional event, everything that was going on at that time becomes linked in your subconscious memory. This means that even tastes and smells can become linked to a disease process and re-trigger a conflict at the subconscious level again and again. If you were eating an orange at the time you experienced a traumatic conflict shock, then that can trigger an allergy to oranges or citrus in the future. Take nut allergies, for example. There will have been a conflict shock with massive fear as the person was eating nuts and the two became linked. The stress of the shock is linked to the nuts by association.

One patient had an unexplainable allergy to apples. In the process of discovering the original emotional conflict shock, it came out that the allergy occurred in childhood shortly after the person’s father left and he suddenly realized that the father was gone for good. Although he was not eating an apple at that moment, he recalled that the street where he was walking at that moment was lined with apple trees with ripened apples and that there was an intense apple flavor in the air.

META-Health is about understanding the body’s innate and infinite abilities to heal. In an era when consumers are increasingly responsible for their own healthcare, it’s time to learn how to support your health and resolve your allergy for good.

Diana Stefani-Hunyady MD, MBA
9556 S. Eastern Ave, Ste # 237
Las Vegas, NV 89123

About the author:

Since 1991 Diana Stefani-Hunyady, MD, has dedicated her career to identifying and addressing the root causes of chronic illness. Seven years ago, she discovered the concepts used in META-Health™.

Through her work with clients, patients, writing, research and teaching, Diana strives to improve awareness and access to integrative medicine and META-Health™, to widen the understanding and practice of it, empower others to stop managing symptoms, and instead address the underlying causes of illness, thereby also touching upon the world-wide chronic disease epidemic.

In addition to her European medical degree specializing in Internal Medicine, Diana is a passionate and charismatic Master Trainer of META-Health™, an NLP and Time-Line Therapy™ Trainer, Hypnosis Master Practitioner and QiGong Instructor, and she teaches intensive and certification courses together with her husband Janos.

Most recently Diana received recognition from the International Association of Internists as a 2013 leading physician of the world and top integrative medicine specialist in Nevada.

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