One of the biggest trials of running your own private practice is effectively managing your staff. Most times, when physicians work together at a private practice, they approach their specialty from two differing angles. Doctor A may have his implements prepared in X manner while Doctor B may insist on his lead nurse being on standby at all times. In the middle of all these nuances are a staff of caring healthcare professionals – physician assistants, nurses, technicians, medical assistants, and others – who rely upon the direction of a doctor to properly take care of patients. Inconsistencies can sometimes cause the first cracks of stress to form at the foundation of a burgeoning private practice.

At the International Association of Healthcare Professionals, we’re able to give you useable advice in how to better manage and treat your healthcare professionals so directions remain consistent, accurate, and most-of-all: reliable. Healthcare is undoubtedly one of the most stress-filled jobs in existence, which is why it is every physician and doctor’s goal to not only communicate effectively between each other but also with their staff as well. Effective communication skills, such as task lists, order charts, and verbal commands, can help make sure that your medical staff are all on the same page with you – even when you are swapping out with one of your colleagues.

The IAHCP specializes in forming a network with other healthcare professionals – from doctors to certified nursing assistants – in order to better facilitate a good, nurturing patient environment. And most of all – help keep your sanity intact.

The International Association of Healthcare Professionals understands the stress of running a private practice, which is why we offer a number of services to help work through your difficulties as both a manager and a medical healer. Because there are only so many hours in a week, and each patient requires the utmost attention and care. Thus, maximizing the use of your medical staff through effective communication is a value-added investment on your behalf.

The IAHCP focuses heavily on communication between healthcare professionals and aims to facilitate organizational methodologies that will not only make your job a little bit less stressful but also improve the quality of life for your employees and patients.

Nobody said operating a private practice would be easy and often times, as a career decision, a physician going to private practice can be a brilliant career move. However, even if done correctly, the practice can wind up sucking all the life out of the lead physicians. Patient care steadily drops, quality of service drops, mistakes are more prone to happen. If you own and operate your own private practice, you owe it to yourself to let the International Association of Healthcare Professionals be a resource for you.

If you’re curious about what resources the International Association of Healthcare Professionals ( has to offer, come by and check out our website. They have a number of informative pieces that may help you reduce the stress inherent to your job and, perhaps, be able to network with other physicians working in their own private practices. You have already given so much of yourself to your job, why not let IAHCP give something back to you?