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Google Contact Lens to Monitor Diabetes

Smart lenses could monitor diabetics’ glucose levels Those living with Diabetes might have some good news to cry about, literally. Google’s laboratory, Google X, is in the developing stage of creating a contact lens that measures glucose levels through diabetics’ tears. The company revealed a functional prototype on January 16 that could replace the current glucose monitors implanted under the skin.  The company also hopes to replace the painful finger-pricking blood tests used to check blood glucose levels. The high-tech

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Lifestyle and Heart Disease

A health life style does a lot in preventing heart attacks and strokes. Cigarette smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes mellitus, along with obesity and physical inactivity are all risk factors that every one can control. Ideally one should maintain a reasonable body weight and in terms of good health a BMI less than 29 is helpful. High cholesterol can be controlled with a healthy diet that emphasizes lots of whole foods, fruits and vegetables with whole grains. Red

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Women’s Health

Most of the women avoid alcoholic drinks and sushi when they are pregnant – all for the best of the baby. But what they often forget is the safety of the routine beauty products they regularly use. According to Andrew Healy, MD, an obstetrician at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, any substance absorbed by the skin can reach the blood stream and then cross the placenta. Hence whatever the beauty products are, some amount of caution has to be applied