Feeling down in the dumps? Might want to take a look at your diet! A recent study in the journal Biological Psychiatry reports that depression is associated with lower blood levels of zinc. The study measured blood zinc levels in depressed patients, and a control group (those not depressed). Zinc levels were significantly lower in depressed patients than their non-depressed counterparts. And to make matters worse, the more severe state of depression, resulted in even lower zinc levels. Zinc is important for immune function and brain activity. Lower zinc levels have also been associated with cardiovascular disease, a common comorbidity of depression. Want to ramp up your zinc levels, be sure to incorporate plenty of beef, lamb, lentil and garbanzo beans, pumpkin and sesame seeds, quinoa, cashews, turkey and fortified breakfast cereals – all of which are excellent sources of this trace mineral. Those feeling the blues may benefit from zinc supplementation. For an easy pick-me-up, try quinoa for breakfast topped with cashews and a dollop of Greek yogurt! The combination of flavors, textures and nutrients will boost your mood in no time!