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Driving Home Your Diagnosis

By Alain Hyman, MD Today’s Diagnostic Radiologist, as a member of your healthcare team, combines imaging technology with elements of your most current personal history to provide useful information along 3 main avenues:   Screening for signs of early disease (e.g. screening mammography)    Diagnosis and staging of new conditions Monitoring of the effects of treatment The work of modern radiologists goes well beyond “driving home” your doctor’s diagnosis. From

Underarm Sweat: How much is too much?

by Howard P. Horlick, MD Everyone sweats, especially under their arms.  However, for some, underarm sweat is a major problem that can interfere with their personal and professional lives. For others, underarm sweat may be an occasional annoyance. Regardless of where they fall in this spectrum, sufferers may go to great lengths to hide their condition and may even avoid social situations and interactions. Those who experience bothersome underarm sweat are often

It’s Your Muscles. Believe It or Knot

Dr. Martin G Owen BHK (Exercise Science) MD CCFP Imagine hanging from a tree over the open mouth of a crocodile. Despite your desire to keep on living, eventually the pain in your arms will become so severe that you will fall to the delight of the awaiting predator. Severe muscle pain I often relate this story or a similar one to validate the severity of pain experienced by my

Spinal Cord Stimulation

Spinal Cord Stimulation is an evolving implanted treatment used for patients suffering from a variety of painful ailments including Failed Back Syndrome, Diabetic Neuropathy, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, Phantom Pain and Spinal Stenosis and Vascular Pain, to name a few. The concept dates back to 1965, and is based on the “Gate Theory of Pain”, whereby painful ascending nerve fibers are blocked by electrical impulses created by an implanted device that

Thoughts on Preventive Cardiology

Introducing : “The Great Eight” : The Major Modifiable Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease ( CVD )        A                                                    B Hypertension                                                                           Diet Hyperlipidemia                                                                        Weight Diabetes                                                                                 Activity level Cigarette smoking                                                                  Mental well being We are all familiar with the adverse cardiovascular consequences that ensue when the risk factors in column A go unchecked. We need to understand that the same degree of such consequences are likely to occur when

Cure for Cataracts: The “PILL” or the “DIAMOND?”

You have likely heard someone say “we will all get cataracts if we live long enough!”  That is true generally, however, we must also appreciate that how we live, and what we do with our eyes, can influence cataract formation.  To understand what I am about to tell you, we must first appreciate that the eye is brain.  It is formed, embryologically, beginning the first month of gestation, as an

Rise Up Against Sitting Disease

Sedentary disease is becoming the malady of the century. Millions and millions of lives are affected by the sitting disease that spreads almost like a virus. It has become a lifestyle and combating it is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Today, the modern society is exposed to some of the most serious health issues of our times, triggered by the escalating rate of sitting disease. Heart disorders, diabetes,

Snack time! – How to Satisfy Mid-Day Cravings

Snacking mid-afternoon can be a healthy habit to pursue! It can keep your blood sugar and energy levels steady, provided you choose the right foods. To satisfy cravings, try these ideas on for size: Berries like raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries are all anti-inflammatory and boost the immune system. Veggies of different colors will provide you with the required fiber content while satisfying your crunch. Choose a variety of colors

Foods for Glowing Skin

You are what you eat! I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase before. The message holds some truth. If you eat unhealthy foods, you’ll look and feel just as lousy. The same goes for your skin too! Breakouts, eczema, and other chronic skin conditions may be linked to your diet. It’s easy to get glowing skin – all you have to do is fill your plate (and your belly) with nutritious