Publishing Your Medical Literature Through IAHCP

If you’re a seasoned healthcare professional with specialized experience in a particular field, it’s time you used that experience to your benefit. With an ever-growing body of scientific and medical literature emerging online in the form of electronic publications, there has never been a greater time to use your experience to its fullest. The International Association of Healthcare Professionals (IAHCP) specializes in providing an online gateway for doctors and physicians:

5 Steps to Creating a Branding Strategy for Physicians

Even doctors need a branding strategy. You can’t expect to pop your certification on the wall or create a social media profile and miracles will happen. It takes effort and strategy to get where you want to be in your career and with your brand. The goal of your strategy should be to reconcile who you are (as a business and physician) with how you want your practice to be

Doctors: How to Use Social Media to Gain New Patients (and Keep Existing Ones)

If you haven’t already, it’s time to join the realm of social media marketing practices to better your business and increase revenue. In the business world, word of mouth marketing is key to success. So when it comes to social media, taking steps to maximize the potential benefits for your practice (and your patients) means being in control of who’s talking about you and what they’re talking about. And there’s

Repeal Obamacare? Then What?

Guest blog post by Dr. Brian Joondeph   Obamacare’s popularity is waning in public opinion polls. Republican lawmakers talk of defunding or repeal, despite the current political improbability with Democratic control of the Senate and White House. Pending the outcome of the 2014 elections, repeal may actually be an option. But what then? A return to the status quo of unsustainable healthcare spending with an insurance system that leaves many

How to Get What You Want in Career and Life – Radio Interview

    Did you miss FindaTopDoc Radio yesterday? Don’t fret! You can listen to it right here, right now! Just click on the link below. How to Get What You Want in Career and Life – an interview with Dr. Mark Buckner     How to Get What You Want in Career and Life with Dr. Mark Buckner 11/19 by FindaTopDoc Radio | Health Podcasts.   Find Additional Health Podcasts

Private Practice – Keeping Sanity in the Workplace

One of the biggest trials of running your own private practice is effectively managing your staff. Most times, when physicians work together at a private practice, they approach their specialty from two differing angles. Doctor A may have his implements prepared in X manner while Doctor B may insist on his lead nurse being on standby at all times. In the middle of all these nuances are a staff of

The Leading Physicians of the World is a Valuable Resource for Patients and Medical Professionals

The Leading Physicians of the World is quickly becoming a trusted directory and resource for the medical community as well as patients seeking the most qualified physicians and medical professionals. Originally established as a publication listing the most prominent doctors around the globe, the Leading Physicians of the World has developed into the world’s largest network of physicians with members from over 100 medical sub-specialties. LPW has researched the professionals

The Leading Physicians of the World Partners with International Association of HealthCare Professionals to Offer New Search Tools

One of the most challenging issues in relocating to a new city or country is the inability to find trustworthy advice about local physicians. While there are a variety of review sites, many of the most prestigious doctors and medical professionals never establish themselves on these sites because they feel such sites have little bearing on their reputation or they have no interest. Other review sites only emphasize the negative

Experts Corner

Experts Corner Ask Your Question The Waiting Room Magazine Answers Experts Andrew M. Freeman, MD, FACC, FACP Farzanna S. Haffizulla, MD, FACP Professor Ian Olver, MBBS, MD, PhD, CMin, FRACP, MRACMA, FAChPM